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The Surge® takes the baby steps of the slosh pipe and expands them to the first steps on the moon. The diameter of the Surge is 8 inches compared to the max diameter of 4 inches on a slosh pipe. When you double the diameter of a pipe you QUADRUPLE the volume, because of this, the Surge is only 42 inches long compared to 10 feet for a slosh pipe! This allows the Surge to be used anywhere the user wants to work out. It also makes it possible for personal trainers and gym owners to train multiple clients inside a gym. The Surge’s fill cap allows for the filling and emptying of water to adjust to each user’s personal needs. The Surge also has a fill gauge to take out the guess work on how much water weight is in the product. Finally, the most revolutionary part of the Surge is the patented dual handles. These handles take the Surge to another dimension of physical fitness. The dual vertical and horizontal handles allow hundreds of different movements! The handles also act like baffles, causing the water to “crash” from one end to the other creating an even more dynamic movement of the water. Any possible movement that a person would do in the real world (and some movements that they wouldn’t) can be done with the Surge.

The Surge® is "living resistance" that builds an athletic core which can take anything life and sport can dish out through intense and dynamic training.