Active Lifestyle shining in FIBO China 2016


在刚刚结束的FIBO CHINA 2016(上海国际健身与康体博览会),奥力来中国展示了国际顶级健身产品与中国蓬勃发展的健身群体间的深度契合。


The FIBO China 2016 opens by a hundred cyclists who are cycling for charity on the SCHWINN indoor cycling IC Pro20. More than 100,000 RMB was contributed by this special opening ceremony. Active Lifestyle, together other two companies prepared this charity to celebrate their 15th birthday. Chef indoor cycling master Jeffrey Scott and other six masters from SCHWINN lead the activity.  














The booth of Active Life Style is crowded with numerous clients who are trying the equipment showed and watching the shows on the booth stage. The Active sales team stand by to offer careful service.